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Cultural Domain

Exit Learner Outcomes

A life-long learner is a person who…


  • Analytically and objectively judges what is good, valuable, and true, and acts on those beliefs, values and judgements.
  • Uses the latest advances in technology to access the wealth of cultural resources.
  • Recognizes that culture is both deeply rooted in the past, yet ever-revolving.
  • Analyzes, synthesizes, evaluates, and creates cultural messages effectively.
  • Is aware of global dynamics and the role that culture plays in world politics.
  • Understands, respects, and is actively involved in cultural traditions.
  • Recognizes cultural achievements.
  • Recognizes, understands, and appreciates the various cultures of the world.
  • Recognizes and attempts to understand diverse points of view.
  • Studies, appreciates, takes part in the arts, and participates in his/her cultural community.
  • Works effectively in diverse settings and with diverse people.
  • Chooses a culturally rich lifestyle based on deeply held personal beliefs and values.

Future Conditions


  • Technology has the power to make many cultural experiences available to everyone at any time.
  • Growing technology will continue to diminish the demand for live performances.
  • The world’s cultural diversity and richness must be embraced.
  • Technology and globalization will combine to broaden cultural experiences and expose individuals to the diversity of our world.
  • Diversity will continue in America – viewed as a problem by some, and as a strength by others.
  • Technology will dramatically affect people’s awareness and knowledge of our world, and will allow cultures to see, share, and learn from one another.
  • The United States will continue to be a contributor to global contemporary culture.
  • Our world will continue to be culturally diverse and a culturally rich place in which to live.