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Economic Domain

Exit Learner Outcomes

A quality producer and informed consumer is a person who…


  • Knows himself/herself well enough to identify a work life in which he/she will find meaning, purpose, and intrinsic motivation.
  • Is a respectful and professional digital citizen who is aware of the digital world personally and professionally.
  • Understands the interconnectivity of the global marketplace and how it works.
  • Can articulate the basic tenets of capitalism and can apply them to his/her present circumstances and his/her vision for the future.
  • Creates, innovates, and contributes to the world market place.
  • Understands the potential impact of personal financial decisions.
  • Demonstrates basic skills and problem-solving abilities to make sound financial decisions.
  • Strives to exceed expectations with respect to quality work.
  • Can identify a business opportunity and write a business plan that meets loan application standards.
  • Is resourceful and reflective in how he/she works and strives to improve continuously.
  • Communicates effectively through reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Demonstrates characteristics of a self-motivated, flexible, and self-directed worker.
  • Manages and invests financial resources to meet life’s needs.
  • Is a highly motivated, self-directed, flexible, and empowered worker or entrepreneur.
  • Considers and acts upon the moral, ethical, and environmental ramifications of business decisions and activities.
  • Is a lifelong learner, keeping himself/herself competitive in a rapidly changing world and a changing job market.

Future Conditions


  • The future holds a more service-based and knowledge-based economy.
  • Customers will continue to have high expectations for customized, high-quality products and services that are readily, if not immediately , available through increased personal technology.
  • The pace of technology will continue to expand so that nearly all business will be transacted from any place and at any time.
  • “Knowledge work” continues to be accessible from any location, and reliable workers will continue to have flexible work environments.
  • The fluidity of the global job market requires learners to develop multiple skill sets.
  • Today’s high-wage jobs will go to agile workers with high-level thinking skills, entrepreneurial visions, those who work with little supervision, and those who can assume leadership roles.
  • Empowered people are productive and are a competitive requirement in today’s economy.
  • Leaders will be expected to work effectively with multi-generational and multi-cultural teams.
  • There is little loyalty or job security in today’s workplace. Workers must keep their skills sharp and be ready for their next job interview.
  • Much knowledge work can be done from any location, and reliable workers must be given a great deal of flexibility in their work location and hours.
  • Collaborative and cross-functional work teams will be required to solve tomorrow’s complex problems.
  • The economy has gone global, creating a good deal of cultural diversity in today’s workplace.
  • A significant and growing number of people will become free agents working for self rather than organization.
  • An increased number of entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses and will continue to contribute much to global job growth.
  • An increased number of women are starting their own businesses and will continue to contribute much to America’s job growth.
  • The responsibility for long-term financial security is with the individual.