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Global Domain

Exit Learner Outcomes

A global citizen is a person who can…


  • Determine reliability of information within an ever-changing arena of technology.
  • Engage in cross-cultural communication skills in the digital age.
  • Anticipate and identifies global issues and created responsible, sustainable solutions.
  • Develop proactive solutions for the issues faced by the world community.
  • Evaluate and synthesizes how the impact of history has influenced the current global economy.
  • Evaluate how a variety of political and economic systems interacts in the world of today and tomorrow.
  • Write, listen, analyze, evaluate, and speak effectively to trends and issues in our global, political, and economic systems.
  • Demonstrate tolerance in a diverse global community.
  • Identify and analyze how the competition for global resources has and will continue to determine world events.
  • Use technology to understand the world, to communicate internationally, and to conduct business.
  • Articulate the impacts that historical world events have had on our current global community.
  • Describe how different political and economic systems work and how they interact in today’s world.
  • Analyze and define his/her role in the global community and is flexible in that role.

Future Conditions


  • Rapid globalization of economics and culture has made our world smaller.
  • The world is becoming even more divided between “haves” and “have-nots”.
  • Technology has “flattened” the world, allowing individuals and groups from anywhere to compete globally; everyone can have access to information in real time.
  • Today’s news cycle is immediate and continuous.
  • Physical and digital terrorism and criminal activity will continue to be factors influencing world leaders.
  • Today’s absence of tolerance and acceptance of others’ values impacts our world.
  • World population growth will continue to affect both developed and underdeveloped nations.
  • Jobs will go where costs are lowest and quality is satisfactory.
  • Countries with rapidly growing economies must deal with their pollution problems.
  • A global economy exists, and business will continue to be done from anywhere at anytime.
  • The deteriorating world environment has become a significant issue everywhere.
  • Rapidly changing means of communication in the digital world are changing how countries view each other.
  • The competition for global resources has and will continue to determine world events.