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Learning Domain

Exit Learner Outcomes

A self-directed, life-long learner is a person who:


  • Improves continuously by setting and accomplishing personal learning goals.
  • Acquires, analyzes, organizes, evaluates, and synthesizes information from a variety of sources and applies it to effectively solve problems.
  • Approaches new situations with a growth mindset.
  • Is intrinsically motivated and seeks new learning opportunities.
  • Writes, speaks, and listens effectively for academic, technical, and personal purposes with a variety of audiences.
  • Reads to understand print material, consumer information, electronic media, and literature.
  • Learns through self awareness and by reflecting on life experiences.
  • Identifies bias, propaganda, and dishonesty in all forms of media.
  • Seeks information from multiple sources to make decisions.
  • Researches and forms opinions regarding current trends and issues.
  • Transfers information to new situations and communicates new learning to others.
  • Creates and pursues purposeful learning goals that incorporate risk-taking and challenge.
  • Utilizes reflective practices for personal, intellectual, and social growth.
  • Shares his/her learning experiences with others by teaching and modeling.


Future Conditions


  • We are living in a rapidly changing world.
  • A successful personal and professional life will continue to demand authentic lifelong learning.
  • Much of the information in the media and on the internet may be biased and/or inaccurate. Analyzing the validity and accuracy of information in all forms of media will become even more critical.
  • The world is changing rapidly; much of what is learned will quickly become obsolete, and much of what learners will encounter has yet to be created.
  • Innovation, problem solving, and developing new skills will increasingly become the responsibility of the individual. It will be critical that everyone have a growth mindset.
  • Learning will be more flexible and customized to the needs and personal choices of individuals.
  • Technology and the internet will continue to provide powerful tools for learning. Online learning, customized to the learner, is available on nearly every topic of interest.
  • Global connections through technology will enable and enhance collaborative learning.