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Personal Domain

Exit Learner Outcomes

A self-actualizing individual is a person who:


  • Formulates, articulates, defends and applies a personal set of core values.
  • Balances work, family, and personal time for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Lives a healthy life that includes physical activity, good nutrition, relaxation, and spirituality.
  • Adjusts and adapts to change, stress, adversity, and successes.
  • Sets, pursues, and accomplishes personal goals.
  • Accepts personal responsibility for his/her decisions.
  • Seeks, reflects upon, and adjusts to feedback.
  • Contributes to society and makes decisions with others in mind.
  • Manages time and money, and other resources effectively and responsibly.
  • Reflects upon and adapts to change, adversity and successes for continuous self-improvement.

Future Conditions


  • The speed of change is rapid, continuous, and impactful.
  • Leaders and individuals will be expected to be future-focused visionaries.
  • Our rapidly changing world will provide opportunity for creative and motivated individuals.
  • Individuals will be faces with a steady stream of decisions, many impacting moral and ethical considerations.
  • America in general, and the workplace in particular, will continue to become more diverse.
  • Competence will be the new capital; knowledge will be power.
  • Continuous advances in communication technology will significantly impact our personal life.
  • An increased awareness of one’s personal responsibility for a healthy, balanced lifestyle will become even more important.
  • Personal empowerment will be achieved through identification and development of self-awareness and discipline to overcome obstacles.
  • Relationships will become more important as individuals encounter a more competitive and complicated environment beyond self.
  • Much of what we hear and read may be biased and/or inaccurate and must be researched for validity.
  • Expectations are that products and services will be customized for the individual.