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Leadership Vision

How we provide support at all levels…

  • Sycamore Learning Community leaders are authentic people with high levels of integrity. They are trustworthy and model ethical and moral behaviors.
  • Leaders are future-focused visionaries possessing the courage to take risks.
  • Leaders effectively articulate and communicate the learning community vision to all groups.
  • Leaders exhibit, model, and promote the highest standards of integrity, respect, and ethical behavior.
  • Leaders demonstrate a growth mindset of adaptability and flexibility.
  • Leaders prepare others for future leadership opportunities.
  • Decisions by the Board of Education and the leadership team are always based upon the Sycamore Learning Community Strategic Design and on the short-term and long-term needs of learners. Cooperation and support are the norm, and politics do not enter into the decisions of the board or the leadership team.
  • Leaders exhibit strong interpersonal skills and foster strong relationships.
  • Leaders promote a professional learning community which encourages and welcomes creativity and feedback.
  • Leaders formulate solutions based upon the learning community’s strategic design.
  • Leaders collaborate to enhance the professional learning community.
  • Sycamore Learning Community leaders are strong advocates for the learning community’s vision, and use it creatively and consistently as a decision making tool.