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Learning Growth Vision

How we measure learner growth and are held accountable…


  • Learner assessment is directly aligned with the Sycamore Learner Outcomes. We identify what we want students to know, be able to do, and to be like; we teach to those learner outcomes, and we assess learner progress based upon those learning outcomes.
  • Learner assessment is both formal and informal. Sycamore learners are allowed and encouraged to demonstrate their learning in authentic ways. Written tests are not the dominant or only manner for assessing student learning.
  • Learners know the expected learner outcomes and benchmarks and know how they will be evaluated.
  • Sycamore learning facilitators find it helpful to provide learner feedback rather than to “correct” the learner’s work.
  • Each Sycamore learner creates a multi-media electronic portfolio, available to their parents/ guardians in real time, to document their successful learning.
  • Learner growth data is consistently and effectively used to inform learners and parents/ guardians regarding learner progress, to provide a feedback loop to learning facilitators regarding learning strategies, and to help learning facilitators and leaders to continuously improve learner learning results.
  • Although Sycamore learning facilitators do not “teach for the test,” Sycamore learners perform well when compared to other state schools and when compared nationally.