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Learning Vision

What learning is like from a learner perspective…

  • I learn while applying my best learning styles, and learning facilitators differentiate learning opportunities to meet my learning needs.
  • Learning is natural for me and I find joy in learning.
  • I am significantly involved in planning my learning and my future by developing individual learning goals, for which I am held accountable for results. In most cases, I get to choose what and how I will learn from options.
  • I feel very safe physically, emotionally, and socially when at my learning center.
  • My learning is customized to meet my interests and strengths, I study and learn things that are meaningful and relevant to my future.
  • My parents/guardians and the Sycamore community support my success as a learner and take pride in my accomplishments.
  • I have access to relevant technology and master a significant portion of my learner outcomes via technology.
  • I have a digital portfolio of learner outcomes that shows a complete record of my learning accomplishments. My parents/guardians and my learning facilitators have access to my portfolio.
  • I am encouraged to take on leadership roles and allowed to work with mentors to meet some of my important learning goals.
  • I am encouraged to accept diverse cultures, genders, religions, values, and beliefs.
  • All Sycamore learners leave our learning community as lifelong learners with the opportunity to choose any future they desire. Graduates are ready for college, for employment, and/or for creatively designing their own future.
  • I enjoy my experience as a learner. I accomplish things that I know will help me as an adult.