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Stakeholder Vision

How we involve all members of the community…

We define “stakeholders” as anyone who is involved with the District, including but not limited
to: community members, alumni, students, guardians, businesses.



  • All stakeholders understand, articulate, and support the mission and vision of the Sycamore Learning Community.
  • All stakeholders desire continuing communication that is open, honest and respectful.
  • All stakeholders deserve efficient utilization of resources.
  • All stakeholders deserve accountability through continuous assessment, periodic review,and renewal of vision.
  • All stakeholders expect the pursuit of excellence in preparing our students for their future.
  • All stakeholders expect that the Sycamore Learning Centers will provide customized learning opportunities and the community will serve as a learning laboratory.
  • All stakeholders will be mutually supportive and will partner together to provide the best educational opportunities for all learners.
  • Partnerships with our stakeholders, local businesses, industries, colleges, universities, and other units of local government, provide opportunities for real world learning.
  • Sycamore Learning Community parents/guardians are supportive of learning facilitators and the learning community in general. Parents/guardians team with the school to ensure that their children receive the best education possible.