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Technology Vision

How we use technology to customize and increase learning…


  • Each Sycamore learner has access to a computer/electronic device at their learning center and home.
  • All Sycamore Learning Community learner outcomes can be accessed online 24/7, and learners have two or three learning style choices and two or three learning interest choices for most online learning.
  • Technology empowers each learner to develop and be accountable for a dynamic,customized learning plan.
  • Anyone can learn anything from anywhere at anytime.
  • The learning community uses technology to responsibly engage as global citizens.
  • The learning community benefits from access to technology that meets the needs of our diverse learners.
  • Access and use of information continues to evolve throughout the expanding learning community.
  • Learners use technology to improve competitiveness in the global market.
  • The learning community requires access to the appropriate technology to meet the needs of the diverse learner.
  • The learning community learner outcomes can be accessed online.
  • Parents/guardians are able to track the growth of their learners, and are therefore able to get involved and to intervene when necessary.
  • All learners, learning facilitators, and staff members use safe, appropriate, and thoughtful online practices and behaviors.
  • All technology purchases, hardware and software, are made based upon the positive impact the technology will have on learners.